LED Conversion
Add the 06/11/2017

There is a particular order to the steps involved in installing an LED street lamp.

(00:06) Do risk assessment Install traffic management
(00:26) Install barrier
(00:33) Wear PPE (Face shield/Electrical gloves)
(00:44) Check column not ‘live’
(00:48) Open column door
(00:56) Isolate secondary isolator
(01:06) Isolate power supply
(01:08) Do electrical testing
(01:16) Record on test certificate
(01:23) Disconnect existing cable
(01:31) Scan Node Barcode
(01:44) Take photo of column
(01:47) Secure to MEWP
(01:56) Remove existing lantern and cable
(02:11) Install LED Lantern
(02:36) Enter area only with permission above
(02:39) Align and secure lantern
(02:54) Connect cable to secondary isolator
(03:24) Install “P” Clip
(03:38) Replace fuse carrier
(03:46) Switch on
(03:48) Check LED working

What crucial step should not be forgotten before opening the post door?

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