Locking a LV cabinet
Add the 06/12/2016

This procedure requires a specific sequence of actions

(00:11) Context
(00:17) Material resources
(00:33) Checks
(01:29) Preparation: installation of insulation mat
(01:38) Preparation: implementation of the markup of the work area
(02:24) Separation of the element by opening the circuit breaker
(02:37) Separation of the separating element
(03:00) Verification of VAT
(03:28) Certificate of consignment
(03:43) Intervention: laying the padlock
(03:59) End of works
(04:18) End of operation

What do we call the document which is prepared and then given to the works manager?

Machine stabilisation

Before any operation, a risk analysis should be undertaken using the job file, a prevention plan or a risk analysis sheet.

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Installation of a networked electricity meter

The chronological steps below must be followed for the installation.

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Installation of a 5m column

Find here all the steps for the installation of a 5 metre column.

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