Infrastructure - Energy production and transportation
Gentle Earthworks Projects

Gentle earthworks are carried out using a suction excavator.

346 Views • 2 years and a half ago


Here is the procedure to detect a copper connection in the secondary part in order to be able to create a trench.

345 Views • 2 years and a half ago

Unrolling and anchoring a twisted overhead cable

After checking the PPE, the absence of voltage and the work permits, the operation can begin.

475 Views • 3 years ago

HDPE gas pipe welding

These points must be followed to weld a HDPE gas pipe.

240 Views • 3 years ago

Grounding a MV line

To ground a MV line, follow the instructions.

441 Views • 3 years ago

Unwinding a BT Cable

Follow the steps below to perform the operation of unwinding a BT cable under the best conditions

848 Views • 3 years ago

Setting up the aerostep

You will find the steps involved in setting up an aerostape below.

365 Views • 3 years ago

Using a rotophase

6 steps for using a rotophase.

340 Views • 3 years and a half ago

The golden rule for crimping a connector

Crimping a terminal now holds no secrets for you

525 Views • 3 years and a half ago

Insulation test

The insulation measurement is used to track the evolution and ageing of the engine in order to detect wear before a failure.

333 Views • 3 years and a half ago

Locking a LV cabinet

This procedure requires a specific sequence of actions

633 Views • 3 years and a half ago

Setting up of a life line

Need to use a ladder, here are the steps to follow for complete safety

1,280 Views • 4 years ago

Using a spider lift to lay down a pipe

Learn how and why to use the spider lift.

680 Views • 4 years ago

Installation and removal of electrical bonding

Learn how to perform this work at height of installation and removal of Leq

472 Views • 4 years ago

Connection with a RAMBUT boxes

Connecting with a RAMBUT box requires following multiple steps in a specific order. Discover this process in a few minutes.

1,689 Views • 4 years ago

Testing resistibility of a cable with a megohmmeter

Test the device, test the cable to see how it goes, in case of default.

564 Views • 4 years ago

Earth measuring

1 minute to learn how to measure earth.

457 Views • 4 years ago

RAMBUT Checklist

Learn to follow the RAMBUT checklist, carry out all the verification phases until the end of the operation.

390 Views • 4 years ago

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